Experience Sandbanks

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sandbanks Provincial Park is at South Central Ontario, in Prince Edward County.  It is about a three hour drive from Ottawa, four hours from Montreal, and about two to two and a half hours from Toronto.  Aside from the beautiful and scenic beaches of Sandbanks, the area is also known for many other different attractions.

During spring and fall, thousands of different migratory birds flock to the area, and calls the attention of tourists.  Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area and Presqu’ile Provincial Park are nearby and are famous for their exceptional nature observation.  The park’s dunes provide a home for unusual species that are not normally found in the area.  The hoary puccoon, sand spurge, and sea rockets are just a few of the plants found in the park that bear interesting names.  Species of maples, hemlocks, pine, and juniper trees are also found.

Over 240 species of birds have been observed in the park while there are over 300 more at the Quinte Isle area.  Redheaded woodpeckers, black turns, least bitterns, jays, pileated woodpeckers, orioles, and kinglets are observed.

The experience at the County is priceless and something you can never get from any place else.  Plus, accommodation is not a problem.  The region has an abundant array of B&Bs, cottages, hotels, inns, beach houses, and resorts.  Among those is the Wayfarer Beach House.

The private waterfront suite is located at the very heart of Prince Edward County, not very far from the hot spots of the area.  Aside from it being closely located to the Sandbanks, it is also surrounded by the other attractions of the County.

Aside from its fairly large and lovely patio, it has a bedroom with a comfy queen-sized bed, a brand new bathroom, a day bed and a futon, and a mini kitchen.  Sheets and towels are also provided.  The house has a wireless internet connection, and a TV and DVD.

Wayfarer Beach House is open for nightly and weekly reservations.


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