Vacation at Picton in Prince Edward County

Monday, May 28, 2012

Picton is an unincorporated community in Price Edward County that offers to its locals and visitors is its famous shipwreck diving.

The waters in Lake Ontario cannot be any more than tranquil with its waves lapping gently on the shore.  But come October and November when the waters turn gale and terrifying.  This natural characteristic of the lake took the lives of many hundreds of years back.  At least or over two-thirds of all shipwrecks that happened in Lake Ontario took place between Point Petre at Price Edward County and the Main Duck Islands.  The shipwrecks happened during the schooner and early steam era.  The disappearances and sunken ships led to the speculation of the intriguing “Marysburgh Vortex.”

Today, there are more than 50 ship wreck sites lying underneath the surface close to the County’s southern shore.  Among those are the following sites:

•    Annie Falconer located between False Duck and Timber Islands.  She sank in November 1904 with a cargo of coal.

•    Olive Branch is still an intact wreck that lies 30 metres from False Duck Island.  The ship sank in September 30, 1880 with her captain and crew.

•    John Randall Steam Barge that sank on November 16, 1920 in School House Bay, Main Duck Island, while carrying a cargo of coal.

Another attraction near Picton is the Mariner’s Park Museum displays to hundreds of nautical artifacts from Prince Edward County’s raging lake history.  It also preserves the age of sail and steam of the Great Lakes.  Annually, a memorial service is held at every second Sunday of the month of August.  This is to pay tribute to the sailor, fishermen, and community members.

Aside from the mysterious and beguiling ship wrecks, Picton has a lot more to boast to visitors and tourists.  And to make your vacation more worthwhile, stay at the Wayfarer Beach House as I do on my every trip to the County.  For me, the waterfront private suite lines up among the best b&b (2) in the County.  It has a private bedroom with an oh-so comfy bed, a brand new bathroom, and a mini kitchen!  The place just makes its guests feel like they’ve never even left home.

The hosts, Ms. Shannon and Mr. Erik, are wonderful and very willing to help out and guide us guests through our county travel.

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